Which Webi Training is Right for You?

Using Web Intelligence 4.3 Like a Pro

Are you a Webi User or Report Designer that wants to learn how to use Web Intelligence 4.3 in a whole new way?

Web Intelligence Dashboards Boot Camp

Are you someone that’s familiar with Webi and wants to expand their skills and take your reporting to the next level with stunning Webi Dashboards?

Webi 4.2 to Webi 4.3 Differences – Mastering the New Webi 4.3 User Interface

Are you a User or Report Designer that wants to know the core differences between WebI 4.2 and the new WebI 4.3?

Using Web Intelligence 4.2 Like a Pro

Are you a Webi User or Report Designer that wants to learn how to use Web Intelligence 4.2 in a whole new way?

About Our Training

InfoSol offers a refreshing and different approach to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (Webi) training that has evolved over two decades of experience in assisting organizations to implement successful BusinessObjects deployments and solutions.

Our Web Intelligence training is taught holistically with emphasis on how features and functions are best applied to get the most value. We provide tips and tricks and explain best practices. Our instructors are all experienced BusinessObjects Web Intelligence consultants with a wealth of real-word knowledge in using the tools and extensive experience leading BusinessObjects training courses.

Our BusinessObjects Web Intelligence training offerings take more of a boot camp approach, packed with hands-on exercises and teaching you the things you need to know and will use every day.

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Testimonial Webi Like a Pro - Chuck C

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Zorro the Cat - Web Intelligence Training Helper


This is Zorro. He looks innocent, but he is not. That red ribbon & bell on his collar are a deterrent to his extraordinary skills at catching birds. He also loves to bring lizards in the house to play/torment. In his off time he can be found snoozing and leaving fur in unwanted locations.

Puppins - Web Intelligence Training Helper


Fastest dog at the dog park. Frisbee-catching, squirrel-chasing, chicken-eating, family-loving crazy pet. Will run forever. Better than any security system devised by man. She’s our dog and we’re keepin’ her. Occasionally, will make an appearance on SpeakBO Webinars.

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