Price: $1485

Duration: 3 Days

Intended Audience: Users and report designers who are new to Web Intelligence 4.2


Beginner- None

Intermediate Course- The beginner course is recommended

Advanced Course- The beginner and intermediate course is recommended

Class Setting: Virtual Environment with Live Instructor

Course Overview

Users and report designers, who are new to Web Intelligence 4.2 and need to learn to access, analyze and share data using Web Intelligence. After completing this course, you will be able to create, format and maintain Web Intelligence documents and use complex functions such as: creating documents using multiple sources, using functions for character, date and strings, redefining calculation contexts, using “If” logic, as well as linking Web Intelligence documents.

Please Note* This course is broken into three days: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Students can customize their learning experience by selecting specific level of training needs. For example, you can register for just the Beginning course or continue onto Day 2 with the Intermediate and Day 3 with the Advanced.

Key Takeaways

Day 1

  • Understanding a Web Intelligence Document
  • Using the Query Panel
  • Using the Report Manager
  • How to Organize Data
  • Using Data Filters

Day 2

  • Using Formulas and Variables
  • Using Queries and Data Providers
  • Learn About Report Functions
  • How to Drill Down

Day 3

  • Calculation Context
  • Understanding Report Techniques
  • Learning About Useful Features
  • What Your Universe Designer Can Do For You


Day 1 – Beginner Course

Introduction to SAP Business Objects

  • Introduction to BI Launchpad
  • Introduction to Web Intelligence
  • Introduction to Universe
  • Different Interfaces

Understanding Web Intelligence Document

  • Opening a Web Intelligence document
  • Creating a new document
  • Editing a document

Query Panel

  • Toolbars
  • Data Manager
  • Adding Objects

Query Filters

  • Purpose of Filters
  • Elements of Filters
  • Type of Filters
  • Working with Filters

Report Manager

  • Understanding the Report Manager
  • Panels
  • Design Toolbar and Toolboxes
  • Navigating the Document
  • Working with Table, Charts and other visual elements
  • Table & Cell Formatting
  • Adding, Editing & Deleting Comments
  • Adding/Deleting Reports

Organizing Data

  • Sorting
  • Breaks
  • Summarizing Data
  • Sections
  • Functions
  • Conditional Alerts

Data Filters

  • Block Filters
  • Report Filters
  • Input Controls
  • Element Linking
  • Ranking

Day 2 – Intermediate Course

Formulas & Variables

  • Introduction to Formula
  • Create a formula
  • Formula Editor
  • Pre-defined Formulas
  • Create a variable

Queries & Data Providers

  • Types of Queries
  • Combined Queries
  • Advanced Filter – Subqueries
  • Advanced Filter – Query of a Query
  • Multiple Queries
  • Personal data providers
  • Free-Hand SQL  as source
  • Merging Dimensions
  • Changing a Data Source

Report Functions

  • Tracking Data Changes
  • Optional Function Parameters
  • Using Functions to override report filters in Calculations
  • Shared Elements

Drill Down

  • Activate drill down on a document
  • Drilling down on selected hierarchy

Day 3 – Advanced Course

Calculation Context

  • Custom calculation context
    • Input Context
    • Output Context

Report Techniques

  • Passing a constant to a Document
  • Limit number of rows on a page
  • Grouping, If, Then Else
  • Using hyperlinks to open documents
  • Handling Nulls or Blanks

Useful Features

  • Outline
  • Cascading Input Control
  • Dynamic Metric/Dimensions
  • Using Web Services as a data source
  • Creating Web Services from Webi parts

What your Universe Designer Can Do for You

  • Prompt for Section Breaks
  • Delegated Measures
  • Cascading Prompts
  • Automatic Date Prompts