Using Webi 4.3 Like a Pro


This boot camp is designed for users and report designers that want to learn how to use Web Intelligence 4.3 in a whole new way the way it has been redesigned to use in BI 4.3 – and need to learn to access, analyzeand share data using Web Intelligence. We will present reallife challenges and show you how you can use Web Intelligence to solve them.

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Price: $495 per day

Duration: 3 Days

Course Overview:

This boot camp is designed for users and report designers that want to learn how to use Web Intelligence in a whole new way – the way it has been redesigned to use in BI 4.3 – and need to learn to access, analyze, and visualize data using Web Intelligence. We will present real-life challenges and show you how you can use Web Intelligence to solve them. 

Upon completion of this hands-on boot camp, participants will be able to create, format, and maintain Web Intelligence documents. Participants will also be able to use complex functions, such as creating documents using multiple sources, use character and date strings, redefine calculation contexts, use “If” logic, as well as link Web Intelligence documents, and how to re-use the metadata and data of existing WebI reports in other WebI documents. You will also learn to organize and present data in an enterprise way so that your WebI report provides easy navigation, intuitive & interactive visualizations, and fast to draw attention to the most important pieces of your data. This course will be useful to beginners as well as anyone with prior experience because of its focus on real life problem solving and using WebI to represent data in a whole new way. You will also learn how to leverage the brand-new features and workflows of WebI 4.3. 

Intended Audience: Web Intelligence Report Developers

Prerequisites: None

Class Setting: Virtual Environment with Live Instructor

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October 11-13 2021